Skin Care Treatments & Non-Surgical Skin Procedures


Many of our Grand Rapids patients love to improve their skin appearance (or complete their new look) with convenient non-surgical skin care procedures. Botox®, skin care, and more are available at The Centre for Plastic Surgery. Our aestheticians have years of medical skin care experience. Continue reading to see all that we offer. 

Download and print our entire skin care brochure to see all of the non-surgical skin care treatments that we offer.

Skin Care Treatments

Our licensed Grand Rapids aestheticians specialize in "medical" skin care treatments with highly effective glycolic and lactic peels that are available only by prescription. Like our Skinceuticals Micropeel - a 3-step peel utilizing physical exfoliation, a glycolic treatment, and cryogenic therapy. Even after your very first peel, your skin will be smoother, softer, and show subtle yet noticeable differences. Microdermabrasion, TCA, Mandelic, Pyruvic and Retinoic peels are available, too, for an even deeper peel. Our medical skin care products provide an easy, at-home system to produce maximum results. We offer products such as, Skinceuticals, Revision Skincare, LaRoche Posay, Avene and Topix and Retrinal for specialized treatment of skin discoloration, age spots, and/or fine wrinkles. Used together, the in-office treatments and home-use products produce visible improvements in skin color, tone, and texture as well as a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments improve the appearance of sun damaged skin, age spots, skin texture, rosacea, and broken capillaries. This treatment involves little or no downtime; you can resume normal activities immediately.

Hair removal by our LightSheer laser is the world's most advanced treatment for effective removal of unwanted hair for men and women. New technology allows us to use the laser on all types of skin, even tanned! Depending on your needs, most body areas can be treated.

Our Jane Iredale Cosmetics are mineral-based which protects the skin and promotes healthy cell growth while providing virtually flawless coverage. It also can be used as camouflage make-up after facial surgery or injury.

Skin Care & Hair Removal

Skin Procedures & Reconstructive Surgery

Our physicians are highly skilled in surgically removing cancerous lesions leaving you with the most pleasing final appearance possible. Other reconstructive procedures involving either surgery or laser treatment are utilized for removal port wine stains or revision of scars.

Skin Procedures Offered

Email or call The Centre for Plastic Surgery today for more information about all your non-surgical skin care treatment choices. We provide our services across Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Cadillac, and Traverse City, Michigan.