As we grow older, our skin loses its natural volume and elasticity and facial wrinkles and hollows form. The Juvederm® Collection of injectable fillers are a new generation of dermal fillers that restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial folds.

Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to facial aesthetics. With the options that the Juvederm® Collection of fillers provide, you’ll achieve a result that everyone will notice but can’t quite put their finger on. You can lift, smooth, and plump your way to results that last.

The Centre for Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids uses the Juvederm® Collection of fillers in a safe setting with a registered nurse and doctor nearby. If you have more questions about Juvederm or other fillers, please email us or call us today. We see patients from across Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Cadillac, Michigan

The Juvederm® Collection of fillers provide a smooth, natural look and feel to correct facial wrinkles and folds, lift and smooth skin, and restore fullness to areas of lost volume. 

As the worlds #1 selling dermal filler collection, you can expect instant results. Some of our Juvederm® filler options include:

Customized Treatment Plans Featuring the Juvederm® Collection of Fillers

These patients have achieved their desired look with a plan that included multiple types of Juvederm®  fillers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out what our injections specialists can do for you!

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