Crisalix 3D Imaging


Breast Augmentation 3D Imaging

What if you could see yourself with any changes before they actually happen? We are proud to offer Crisalix, a 3D imaging tool that helps our patients develop healthy expectations during their consultation.  When considering breast augmentation surgery, patients associate their breast enlargement in cup sizes while medical terminology remains to measure breast size by CC. By incorporating Crisalix into your consultation, we are now able to show you how different sizes and shaped breast implants will look in your body. 

How it works:

1) You can either take your own 3D photo from your camera or phone and upload it to your surgeon's Crisalix website (link below) or we can take your before photo in the office during your consultation. 

2) If you have chosen to upload your own photos from home, we will receive them at the office and have them ready for you during your consultation.

3) After you have discussed all of your options with your surgeon, we will simulate your after photo and reveal the new you! 

Please choose your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Below:

Crisalix Consultation with Dr. Scott Brundage

Crisalix Consultation with Dr. Douglas Leppink

Crisalix Consultation with Dr. Benjamin Rechner

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