Double down on your double chin with CoolMini™.

Submental fat (the fat that is the source of a double chin) is caused by many factors. Genetics, aging, and weight gain can all contribute to excess fatty deposits in the chin area that are resistant to diet and exercise. Many men and women find that they are highly concerned with the definition of their chin and neck.  This fullness can cause patients to feel self conscious, especially since it’s an area that is not easily covered by clothing. They often report that an improved appearance in the chin and neck boosts their confidence and takes years off their face.

CoolSculpting® is the number one non-invasive treatment for the permanent reduction of fat cells. The CoolMini™ applicator was developed by the makers of CoolSculpting to treat smaller pockets of fat, particularly in the chin area. It has the perfect curvature and shape to effectively reduce the appearance of a double chin in only one to two treatments. Patients typically experience a 20-25% reduction of fat cells during each treatment with full results after 12 weeks in the treated area. Because there is little to no- downtime, many patients find that CoolSculpting is the perfect answer to their fat reduction needs.

Treatment with the CoolMini™ is easy, and can be completed in about one hour with little to no discomfort. Most patients take that time to rest, read, watch television, or work quietly on their computers. Following treatment, patients should expect to experience minor swelling and tenderness in the treated area but are able to return to their normal activities immediately. Click HERE for answers to frequently asked questions about the CoolSculpting treatment.

At the Centre for Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, MI we have treated hundreds of satisfied patients with Coolsculpting. Our team of certified technicians has trained extensively with the creators of CoolSculpting both on and offsite through the exclusive CoolSculpting University. This attention to education and years of experience assures you that we are able to bring you the best possible results. You will enjoy your treatment in our welcoming and relaxing facility with the ease of mind that comes with access to our team of board certified physicians and a highly trained staff. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation today!