Breast Reconstruction FAQs


Will I have scarring?

Yes. The extent and placement of the scarring will depend largely on the specific type of procedure or procedures you have had.

What will I look like after breast reconstruction plastic surgery?

In a breast reconstruction, your surgeon's goal is to do everything within reason to recreate the natural appearance of your pre-mastectomy breast. The extent to which this is possible depends on the procedure you plan to have done, the lengths to which you want to go, and your unique anatomical factors. You should discuss this in some detail with your surgeon before the surgery, so you know what to expect beforehand.

What are the risks of breast reconstruction?

Most of the risks of breast reconstruction are general risks associated with any surgical procedure.

Most significant risks specific to breast reconstruction are directly related to the healing process . Your surgeon will discuss all of the risks and potential complications of the procedure with you before you make a final decision about a reconstruction procedure.

Other questions?

If you need help exploring breast reconstruction plastic surgery options, please feel free to email us or call for a consultation today. Call 616.454.1256 if you're in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, or toll free at 800.968.7474.

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